Monday, September 11, 2006

Haiku Monday

Head filled with empty
I can’t think of what to blog
Sad day, 9/11

Dark theater, soft seat
Soda puddles trap my shoes
Cell phone light annoys

Work deadens the soul
Electric bill must be paid
I miss the Dark Ages

My Death List of Ire
I should update to include
Cheerful co-workers

Why can’t I grow up?
I might be leaving it late
Not “Mom!” but Crone soon

I broke my diet
For my birthday—bacon, booze
That was back in March

When I grow up I…
Don’t know what I want to be
Someone else perhaps

Chmod g+rw your_base
You might be a nerd

Mistress Squidia
She loves all of her readers
But she loves you best


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