Monday, October 02, 2006

Haiku Monday...and Limericks

The Science of Sleep
Arty, sad, beautiful boy
I recommend it

13 Tzameti
Moody, strange masterpiece
It’s from France, Bitches

Here I am at work,
The weekend was way too short
The week will drag, boo

Big piles of laundry
Are strewn across my bedroom
I need cleaning gnomes

Copious cat barf
Dishes fall from the cupboard
Bad start to my day

They sleep on my book
And leave poop and hair on rugs
Cute, purring Evil

Our government sucks
George Bush is the anti-Christ
Chavez speaks his mind

And Now In Limerick Form

There once was a laddie named Bush
Who’s daddy never swatted his tush
He kisses up to Carl Rove
And breaks laws by the trove
In 2008 we’ll give him the push

I need to be making more money
Paying my bills is not funny
If I pull them all out
And spread them about
I can make my bank account puny

If only I could win the Lotto
I would build a beautiful grotto
Full of nubile young lads
All scantily clad
And me three sheets to the wind and/or blotto

If you need a real mistress to satisfy you needs
For spanking, humiliation or other such deeds
Visit the link on the right
Mistress Matisse doesn’t bite
And on her fine toes you may feed


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